It’s sew-time once more!

by Leah Taylor on February 18, 2010

Wew – what a busy few months I have had. I had hoped to have up and running by the end of August 2009

Erm… yes…. well that was rather optimistic!! Of course, real life got in the way. In the summer I received some wonderful news, and found out that I was expecting my first child! My husband and I were absolutely delighted 🙂 Unfortunately however I had a terrible period of sickness, and was completely out of action for 5 weeks. This would be tricky enough at the best of times, but as a self-employed web designer, it really left me in a sticky situation. Since then I have been very busy with the day job, trying to get back on track. As a small business, I don’t have any staff to help take the reigns, and so I really struggled.

Originally I had hoped that I would be able to fit in setting up my sewing shop with my other work, but in reality that just hasn’t been practical. So at the beginning of this year I took the difficult decision to close my web design business to new clients, for the time being at least, to allow me to concentrate on I am so disappointed that I am over six months behind schedule – I really have a lot to do, if I want the shop to be established by the time baby gets here!

This week I finished the last of my outstanding pieces of work for web design clients, and I am now free to focus on Yey!! So watch this space, things should finally get moving 🙂

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Christine February 18, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Congratulations! Pregnancy sickness is erally the pits, so debilitating. Take it easy it does pass eventually. Good luck with Sewbox.


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